Saturday, March 05, 2011

Pongala Special

Providing water for drinking

Its my first time, I went to see the crowd on pongala festival at trivandrum itself. Women were so exited and dedicated irespective of all hard weather condition. There were men helping providing water and other minimum required things to escape from being exhausted.
Finally they will cook and dedicate it to God and go home.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Awakening Dusk

I had to travel for more than 5 hours in train and that too alone. It was very boring. But surprisingly I saw the sky in orange color. I took the camera from my bag and clicked. Since the train was moving some snaps went shaking. But finally I got what I wanted and there it is. My soporific mood flew away in that sky.

Monday, April 26, 2010

April Fool Celebration

I was travelling in train on 15th April when I saw the Hammer Box near my allocated seat. On looking it again, I noticed one thing. There is no hammer at all !!!! Wooow. The instruction statement written above the box is very specific though it is difficult to read. It was like this

Since it was an a/c coach there was no grill in the window, but only thick glass. So during emergency we are supposed to take the hammer from the hammer box and break window glass to exit. This is what our Indian Railways meant. But where is the hammer? There was a profile of the hammer drawn on the glass. Only diagram.

I won't blame the railway people as my journey was on April month. I guess the Railway guys have extended their April Fool celebration for more than a fortnight. I am not sure whether it is a permanent celebration or not. I don't think IR people is that much bothered about this. Otherwise the ticket checker would have told me some thing at least when he caught me red hand when I was about to take the photo

In order to get the message properly read, I send the snap to many of my friends and finally Jyothish and Ramya were able to give the correct reply.

Natural Grafting

My friend Vineesh has broken a small stem in to three pieces and has thrown away near that plant. He didn't notice how exactly the broken stems fell. After one or two weeks when he went home again during the vacation, he noticed that the shunned stems has grown in to a new plant with the separated stems growing together.This has surprised not only him but every one to whom he told this.

Coconut Killer

This is called "paara" in malayalam. Coconut needs to be put on the top sharp knife like edge to detach the outer layer. This is found in a good position when I went to a friend's home at alappuzha though these are very common across Kerala.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Glass Plant in the Pot

Plant which is made up of glass material is called a glass plant. May be due to the fact that this was seen near the chemistry lab and chemically it is growing. We can see the branches also. I saw this in Women's college campus.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Life for plants

Man celebrate his new birthdays each time. What about plants? They also celebreate their new life by tilting the leaves and bending the branches. Dancing with the wind. They are happy new branches emerging as a symbol of extension of their life time.

Exceptions to Break Iconoclasm

This picture of a living thing coerced me to break the constrains of this blog. But in other way I can say I didn't break any rules since this fower is not a living thing as it is only a picture. It is the beauty that is responsible for every thing. Thanks to EOS 1000D, 18-55mm lens. No post process is done.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Onam 2009 at Trivandrum

This time also there were illuminations as usual. Only bad thing happened is the heavy rain at the peak time. But we manged to get wet as we did not have any umbrella. Thank God we took the camera cover, otherwise it would have been added in the wet members club.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Black & White

Among plants there is not racial discrimination. I saw this inside Women's College campus when I was wandering with my camera.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time and tide waits for no man

This is an uncompleted wooden craft by eminent artiste C S Viswam, Trivandrum. I wish I would have studied the art of carpentry when got opportunity many years back. Time and tide waits for no man :(

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Log4j Setting

After a long searching and discussions, I am able to do the logging for info, debug, error... You need three things in your hand.
1) Log4j.jar
That u can get it from here
2) file
3) A text file where the messages will be printed.(say test.log)
Steps to follow
1) Add the log4j.jar in your library.
For that go to properties of your project
java build path
add external jars
browse and upload the jar file stored in your local system
2) Create a folder named "config" in your project outside src
3) Put the property file( in the folder config
4) Again go to Project properties, java build path and click on the button Add class path folder
Browse the config folder and add it as the class path folder
5)That's all from the setting point of view
6)Now regarding the content in the property file, paste the following things
log4j.rootLogger=A1, A2
# A1 is set to be ConsoleAppender sending its output to System.out
# A1 uses PatternLayout.
log4j.appender.A1.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %-5p [%t] %-17c{2} (%13F:%L) %3x - %m%n
# Appender A2 writes to the file "test".
# Appender A2 uses the PatternLayout.
log4j.appender.A2.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %-5p [%t] %-17c{2} %-5r %-5p [%t] %c{2} - %m%n

7) In the class where you want to use log, write this as the first line of class
private static Logger log = Logger.getLogger(Test.class); after importing org.apache.log4j.Logger;
Then u can use like the following"Testing the info message");
log.error("Testing the error message");
log.debug("Testing the debug message");
8) Run the application
9) You can see the messages in the test.log file
a) Do not put statements inside any loop in the code
b) While modifying the files do not say the Max size for test.log file and number of files. It can cause for exception saying "not enough space in device" or some thing like that.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fire, Not a Camp Fire

He struggled a lot to make a camp fire during our kodaikanal stay. We had one bottle of kerosene which he used for starting. But we had only starting nothing after that. That means the fire will be continuing till the kerosene is over. Anoop kept on trying it with the pieces of wood available. As the wood were kept outside the room it was very wet because of the mist present. After some initial trials the kerosene in the bottle got finished. That is the end of camp fire. Most funny thing was that the camp fire was inside the room. I would say it was just a fire not a camp fire.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poor Zeno

When Zeno sent the arrow to the target, he said it has travelled 1m distance.A real number analyst may smile at him, thinking that how can a solid piece travel a distance of 1unit from 0unit of distance. Because it is proved mathematically that between two consecutive real numbers, there are infinite number of real numbers. If the arrow was substituted by the thoughts it would have been possible because thoughts are only thoughts. If this incident is seen by a metrologist, he may agree with Zeno.According to a metrologist no mearusrement can be measured accurately.But he may add one more thing to what Zeno said. He may say that "i will agree with you provided you should add to your comment that you have reached your target within the tolerance limit". Poor Zeno he may agree with that.

Converging Moments

It was a great moment when all the artistes converged to a single stage show. Thank God i got the chance to be a part of it.
The venue was Jakoor Air Force ground,Banglore.
The stage area = 3 acres.
The number of artistes = 4000
The number of audience = 25 lakhs

People from various countries were there floating their flag.They include china, Pakistan, ghana,russia,...Totaling of 144 countries

The first photo is a chinese girl holding her flag ready for her image to be captured in the camera.
The second one is a Pakistani girl taking photo of Guruji(Sri Sri Ravishankar)

Friends,New & Old

I was enough lucky to be one among the 4000 artistes when all are producing the same notes in carnatic classical music in phase. I met many artistes not only in flute department but also in violin, mridamgam, vocals, veena.... We got a new friend, Raviraj who lives in Banglore itself. Though he talked to all of us , it was Priya who understood his interest and knowledge in spirituality. He is a nice person(sitting at the left extreme).Priya is dominating equally in flute, violin,vocal(both carnatic and hidustani). She has also shown her talent in anchoring in various programmes. Sreekumar is the youngest in our group(sitting at the right extreme). Definitely, he is a growing artististe with high pace. I am in the middle among the five. The guy next to me is Ram Raj, a vocalist. Though he is a vocalist he succeeded in giving the basic note "Sa" in flute. I do appreciate his courage, interest and talent shown.


I do remember a mischievous news shown in television about a mathematician who became mad for his too much interest in the subject. There was no reason for remembering this news until i got the picture shown above as an e-mail attachment. Is it possible to happen like that? Yes, it is. Why is so happening? May be due to his inability or unluck to reach to the required result. He may not have got enough family and official support. What ever be , he may not have got the result in his paper, but we got a result from this. Do you know what is that? It is what is hanging at the tip of the square root in the paper which is shown above. But his failure can lead for the birth of another way to start a new thoughts. Seeing the figure, I think it is not a bad idea to find the bending moment of the square root in which he is hanging now. See the figure, it is analoguous to a weight acting at a distance from the tip of the cantilever. Because the square root can be considered as the cantilever and the body hanging may be considered as the point load. Definitely we can find the length of the cantilever as it is drawn on a graph paper.But unfortunately, i don't know the weight of his body. So next time if one is thinking of such paper suiciding, he/she should not forget to give the weight of the body along the scale of the graph.Who knows, such informations can lead to new discoveries.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Magic of Unity

This is to find the multiplication of two numbers each of the form 1111...11 and 11...111 ie. the two numbers consists if 1's only provided each are having the number of digits less than 9.

I would like to introduce a notation aTb which is read as "a times b". This means that the digit "b" is to be written "a" times one after another. For example, 4T5 means 55555 (the digit 5 is written four times continuously)

Let the two numbers be p and q where p consists of m digits and q of n digits and n<=m<=9. On multiplying p and q we get,
p * q = 123....(n-1)[(m-n+1)Tn](n-1)(n-2).....4321 

For example, Multiply 1111111 and 111 Let y = 1111111 * 111 
Here m=7 and n=3 
1111111 * 1111 = 12[(7-3+1)T3]21 = 12[5T3]21 = 123333321 

Suppose we want to find the square of 11 
Then square of 11 = 11*11 = 1[(2-2+1)T2]1 = 1[1T2]1 = 121

Here the draw back is that I am not able to extend this formula for more than nine digits :(

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Raga - Hindolam

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Aananda Bhairavi on trail version

Monday, February 26, 2007

Look through the windows for better perspective

Man is a social animal. But his needs are far beyond that of animals. There was a time when people used camera by which the target is to be captured through a window and then to be clicked. But now there are Digi cams available in which we can use the display screen that capture the target for us and then click. But on using the display screen people don't use the window for aiming the target or framing the profile.How the accuracy changes? This is not at all a question for the customer as he do think that the picture that he is seeing is okay. He forgets the delay taking place during the process. Even after clicking it is normally found that the picture taken by the cam is actually after one or two seconds after the moment we wish to take the shot. This is due to the second delay. Another thing is about the stability. It is not necessary that the cam is always on the tripod. Most often it is placed on hand and then clicking. As all of us know that we cannot click with out moving a fingure. If so, there is noway getting the stability as when we used to shoot by aiming the target through the window.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sound testing in my blog - "mohanam"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Excavators, a nightmare for mountains

When i was in India Techs Ltd, i got opportunities to see many new places in my own district. I always took my nikon EF500 camera. Can anyone of u guess where is this place? You will be surprised to know that this in the middle of Trivandrum city region.Yes it is nowhere other than in Peroorkada junction.

It is because of earth removing equipments like tracked excavators,backhoe loader etc that rocks are broken and crushed to powders. As per the new government, mountains are not allowed to be excavated and fields not to be filled for building construction. Lets see what is the fate of the mountains that are existing now. These days people(contractors) are having a craze to buy a hill and a nearby field both can be acquired at a low cost as both cannot be used for the purpose of building construction directly. So the contractors are set to buy them and using the excavating machines which can also be obtained in rent at a rate of some Rs600 /- per hour, take the soil from the hill and fill the field and make the place a ground. Now they sell the land to business men for 4 times price making huge profit. Smart guysssssssssssssss but unfortunate mountains.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This was a bus

It is very pitty that KSRTC is not taking the responsibility of such useless things. They should not forget that this can be sold as a scrap and the material can be reused instead of allowing it to degrade there itself.Being the Ex-bus is on the road side, it can cause for the parking difficulty as well as road width problem in Kazhakoottam.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Time is not precious

It is often said that time is precious, but that may not be true for all persons. Here they don't know how to spend time. Finally they found the solution for that and that is through "playing cards", coooool. isn't it?This is at Thirupuram in Neyyatinkara. When i took the photo, they asked me whether i am a news reporter or not.They know i am harmless.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Hiding The Dirt

This is in Karete, near the bridge.Though it appears very beautiful in the picture, in actual view it don't appear as such. We should blame to the grama panchayath officials for not constructing a public comfort station in that region.

Anonymous Free Trade

The place name is Eiru in parasala.This is in the border of Kerala and Tamil nadu. From the local people i came to know that through a short cut where there is no check post, peopel from Tamil Nadu sell rice at a cost of Rs3/- per kilo.This will be bought by the local bussiness men. They sell it for some Rs 6/- per kilo to the whole sale traders in the Chalai. From which we get it for some Rs10/- per kilo of rice. Every one happy. Those who know about this step of trading, come there and buy from the initial step itself when their requirement is high.

Old quarries giving new views

a big rock in venjaranmood

I was walking for some 1.25km along the road from Venjaranmood junction to Kilimanoor direction. On the way i got surprised to see a big old quarry on the road side itself. It was such a big rock that even lorries when come close to it appeared as ants near an elephant. It has scared me when i went near to it to take a close picture. There was an extreme silence in that place and i was alone.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Knife, a Requisite Slave

Nobody loves knife. This is the result of its loyalty to human beings. But human beings cannot be blamed,as knife believes in separating things that are in attachment. It is a tool for splitting every thing irrespective of living or non living things. We being human beings, how can we love knives? Human beings give birth to their young ones as a result of fusion reaction whereas in the family of knives, they do give birth by fission reaction. They don't need any pair for producing their young ones. They simply cut their body part to give birth their young ones. Some times even from the time of birth they becomes more powerful than their parent knife.It depends on the dimension under which the parent cuts their body part.Its so pity that we don't understand the pain that they feel while cutting their body part for giving a new generation.
We don't understand or don't try to understand the respective ancestors of the knives. We forget that it is because of the service that we got from the knives, that our fore fathers lived in the forests. The shape and material of the knife has also changed with time. Now they are also having different castes as human beings have. Their shape changes as per the requirement of the human beings. Their caste differs like stainless steel, copper, diamond...The list goes like that. Regarding the shape it varies from the place where they are used like in the kitchen, slaughter house, a lathe in a production plant...Here also the list is increasing as the technology is advancing.
What ever be the situation, knife is there to be like a bridge between human beings and their needs. They have been working for man as a slave from the period of human birth. When will they get freedom? Ofcourse, it will be along with the end of human beings.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Hidden Machine

From left sanjay, anand, joby, deepu, vivek, sreejith, gp
Behind us Milling Machine

Actually we were planning to take the picture of the milling machine behind us for study purpose.Two at the extremes came and possed ready for the click.then came the remaining, all came then one by one leaving behind the space at the middle just like viewing the milling machine through a slit. Afterall I am the photographer, how can the profile miss me.So I put the camera in auto mode and closed the remaining space also.Joby has shown a bolt in his hand.He might have shown it for representing the entire machines and components manufactured there in the lab.That's enough.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Flute --- for the peace of mind

Who dare to disturb her on seeing this!!!
Whether bamboo or metal flute, the feeling is the same if involved in it.It attracts others to a world of peace. It relaxes the environment. It creates a situation where one can think nothing, but only music. Don't hear the music. Do feel it.

Friday, February 24, 2006


How powerfull it is.That we understood afer the tsunami disaster. When in calm, we like to see it.We enjoy its hugging.We enjoy its breathing sound.We enjoy its colour.But some times for an instant the sea may get mad from the kidding of human beings.This might have compelled it to react after a long time.we saw the fearse face of the sea.May be the last time.

Dust Killing

We cannot kill dusts but we can decrease the amount of it in the atmosphere. We find it in the roads where the wheels of time is going fastly,trying to overtake the time of time. Depreciation of the number of dusts depends on the activities of the human beings,duties of the human beings towards the society and to the world. So its the time to kill the laziness of the human beings.Kill the dust in the minds of human beings first,then go after the dust in the roads.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Killing Dust

The dust though appear microscopic, can kill a person inch by inch.What will you if the poor guy is an asthma patient.We he happened to go through the group of dust he naturally do give respect to it, by bending forward.He don't dare to show his face to the clustered killers,by obstructing the view by putting the hanky across. But we can't blame the dust as they all are non living things.It is the circumstances that make them to be active in the atmosphere.You know, without oxygen even RDX can be a show case substance.